14′ In-Ground Trampoline Kit

Save hundreds with this easy to assemble, high quality trampoline bundle. Don’t just install any trampoline in the ground. Install the only trampoline that was built specifically for in-ground use, with vented pads and retaining wall system, by Trampolines Down Under. Comes with:

  • Includes

    • 14′ Trampoline
    • 14′ Vented Safety Pad (Grey)
    • 14′ In-Ground Trampoline Retaining Wall System

    **Does NOT include installation. 
    For Install quote call 801-427-0714.


  • The In-Ground Trampoline Bundle by Trampolines Down Under

    Trampolines Down Under

    Superior bounce and high quality materials are a couple of key attributes of the only trampoline on the market today that was built specifically for in-ground use. Features of the In-Ground Trampoline Kit by Trampolines Down Under:

    • 104 Galvanized Springs and Reinforced Mat for Ultimate Bounce and Long-Lasting Fun
      • Most trampolines only have 96 springs and better trampolines have 100 springs, but the trampoline from Trampolines Down Under features 104 springs that are longer and made of higher quality for extra bounce, strength, and longer lasting fun.
    • Easy to Assemble, Rust Resistant, Industry Leading Frame
      • This 8 piece frame is easy to assemble, built solid to withstand the elements, and provides a stable jump. The 12 gauge, 55,000 PSI steel frame provides a quality feel that no other trampoline provides because of how little the frame flexes and bounces during use. In addition, the frame has been powder coated inside and out to maintain its rust resistance, and it’s why this trampoline is the go-to solution for in-ground installation.
    • One-of-a-Kind, Mold Resistant, Vented Safety Pad that Provides Air Flow and Stays Cool in the Summer
      • Improve your bouncing experience with the one-and-only, patented, vented safety pad. Made with water and mold resistant materials, this pad was made for the outdoors and designed so you can jump without the noise of the pad slap.
    • The Highest Quality, Reinforced Jumping Mat in the Market for Jumping Comfort, Stability, and Durability
      • Made with the highest quality polypropylene, Dacron Reinforced Vinyl Hem, and stitched with 35lb UV Resistant Thread — this trampoline mat is made of the highest quality, UV resistant materials to provide a long-lasting, comfortable jumping experience.
    • Best-In-Class, 425 lbs Trampoline Weight Limit
      • Due to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, this trampoline boasts a 425 lbs. weight limit. For safety purposes, like most trampoline manufacturers, we recommend one person on the trampoline at a time.
    • Exceptional Trampoline Leg Stability and Frame Rigidity
      • The frame leg joint on the trampoline from Trampolines Down Under is 2″ longer than standard trampoline leg joints. The benefit you receive is a more solid bounce and less movement in the trampoline as you bounce. This makes the jumping experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

    Trampoline Retaining Wall Kit

    Protect Your Children, Your Investment, and Your Landscape
    If you are installing an in-ground trampoline, it is imperative that you use the only patented retaining wall system that was designed and built specifically for in-ground trampoline installations — The Trampolines Down Under Retaining Wall System. This trampoline retaining wall system by Trampolines Down Under is known for its exceptional quality and durability; which is why most people prefer it to other solutions that were not specifically designed for in-ground trampoline use.
    • Uses a patented buckle system (11/857,595) to keep dirt securely in place and out of the jumping area
    • There are no sharp edges, like metal retaining wall systems; only a smooth rounded edge that lies flat against the frame of the trampoline
    • Unlike brick, concrete, pressure treated wood or rail road timbers, the Trampolines Down Under retaining wall system attaches to the frame for a perfect fit and helps avoid injury
    • Easy to install system that is made with durable, light weight materials that are meant to withstand the elements and the heavy load that is required by an in-ground trampoline retaining wall system
    • Comes with all necessary hardware: screws and a magnetic 5/16 hex bit for easy, efficient installation

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