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Why an Inground Trampoline?

Simple. To protect yourself, your family, and your property from damage. A buried trampoline also improves your yard’s aesthetics and when done right will prevent costly maintenance. As you may have noticed, we believe that you should make sure your trampoline is buried right or else you may end up paying for it twice.

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New Trampoline Bundle

10’x14’ Capital Rectangle Bundle


The beauty of an in-ground trampoline is that you don’t need a net at all!

The Capital In-ground Trampoline Kit comes with:
  • The trampoline frame/jumping mat
  • Protected with a Vented pad
  • Protected with a Vented pad
  • A purpose built retaining wall system for the Frame

You’ve stumbled across the most experienced trampoline installation company in the country! With over 800 inground trampoline installations as of 2019 we’ve seen almost everything when it comes to groundlevel trampolines.

In addition to quality, Safety and aesthetics are important to most of us. There are many options when it comes to a buried trampoline; Pinterest, d.i.y Networks, Facebook, Instagram and other quick searches on social media venues offer plenty of ideas for a few hundreddollars.. these ideas are often a costly lesson to Do It Right The First Time..